I Love Lupus! You Read it Right – The Benefits of Lupus


That sneaky Valentine’s Day cupid shot an arrow straight into my keister!  I woke up with a wild, romantic notion, feeling dared to find ways in which having lupus is not always a bad thing.  I challenge all of us on this day of “love”, to imagine the opportunities (no matter how minute they may be) where lupus may be advantageous.  Surely somewhere immersed in this, or any chronic disease, there has to be a tiny bit of positivity.  Perhaps occasionally, lupus can be constructive in an itty bitty way.  Let’s get a little Valentine’s lupus crazy. Would you please come on a journey with me, and read my optimistic lupus possibilities?  I promise to shine a new, unfiltered bright light on lupus.  Certainly this chronic disease isn’t a constant negativity.  Maybe so.  But, just perhaps, maybe not.

Here we go into my lupus loophole…where I share my random, love-filled and encouraging viewpoints, experiences, and insights from living with my chronic disease.

lupus butterfly

I love lupus.

Because of lupus, I have learned to slow down.

Lupus gave me permission to make myself more of a priority, guilt free. (Well, mostly.)

I now realize, acknowledge, and honor my limitations.

I celebrate the smallest of my accomplishments:  taking a shower, putting on make-up, running an errand, etc.

I love lupus because I am learning how to take the best care of myself:  physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I love lupus because, I now allow myself to get massages.

I say “no” to stress.  (It doesn’t always listen but it’s a work in progress.)

I love lupus because, I get more sleep.  Lupus affords me a free, unlimited “nap pass” for life.  Now, I am always allowed to say, “I need to lay down and rest”.

I have learned to ask for help.  (Well, that’s a work in progress too.)

I love lupus because it has forced me to prioritize my life.

love lupus

I love lupus because it made me realize what, or rather who I truly value:  God, family, and friends.

I have met some amazing doctors, nurses, and alternative therapy practitioners:  Reiki, acupuncture, and cranial-sacral.

I keep my doctors mentally challenged with all of my symptoms and physical complications that usually occur without any scientific explanation.  (I wouldn’t want them to get bored.)  Plus, my frequent medical appointments surely contributes to their salaries.

Lupus has blessed me with the honor of making new, exceptional, life-long friendships with people who accept and do not judge the chronic illness in me.

Having lupus has shown me how strong I am capable of being.  I have endured physical pain to such an agonizing degree, where I thought I would surely die.  (Where I wished I would die.)  Yet, here I am.  Lupus continually reveals that I am one tough cookie!

Lupus challenges me to grow:  mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Lupus restricts me physically and that forces me to be creative and consider alternatives.

I love lupus because it shows me how much other people care.

Lupus provides opportunities for other people to show compassion, empathy, and sympathy.  As a bonus, I know one child was inspired to become a doctor when she grows up, so she can find a cure for her mother who has lupus.

This disease shows me how incredibly loving people can be.

This disease has opened my heart to gratitude and humility.

I love lupus because it makes me cherish and appreciate every day, experience, and moment.

Now I can better relate to people living with a similar circumstance.

I cherish the days I am well enough to pay favors forward and help others in any way.

I am more aware of other people with physical challenges.  I jump (not literally, especially with my joints) at the opportunity to assist others.

Lupus makes me appreciate things I previously thought were insignificant:  being dependable, exercising at will, walking, shopping, and going to a restaurant, or feeling well enough to do anything and everything, and of course eating desserts.

I am proud to say that I am a spoonie.  Better yet, a spoonie warrior!

love lupus

That’s the end of my loving lupus journey.  Well, maybe.  I’m sure there will be more positive discoveries and realizations.

Thank you for visiting the other, loving side of lupus.

Do you believe in the possibility that you can find ways to appreciate (or love) lupus along with me?

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